Give to fill empty stomachs and help others reach their full potential.

Your gift will help ensure that no child, adult or senior runs on empty.

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$20,000 goal

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We are fundraising to fill plates and end hunger.

An empty plate, means an empty stomach. And on an empty stomach, no one can reach their full potential. But together, we can help everyone reach their full potential!

You see, the feeling of running on empty is a reality for 26,150 individuals, including 11,210 children in Siouxland. These children and families are not always getting enough to eat, which means they sometimes don't have the fuel they need to tackle the day. So while it's tough to do basic activities on empty, it's easy to make a difference.

September is Hunger Action Month. A nationwide awareness campaign designed to mobilize the public to take action on the issue of hunger. Everyone has a role to play in ending hunger.

September is also the last month of the Food Bank's fiscal year, and we are on track to distribute over 2.2 million pounds of food, which will be another record setter. Although this is wonderful news, it also comes with the realization that there is still so many at risk for hunger and the Food Bank needs to grow to meet that need. With your help, we will continue to close the meal gap.

Although there is an overarching feeling that the economy is doing much better, we still see an upward trend that sets monthly records for distribution and more people seeking food assistance than ever before in our 26 year history. Underemployment, wages that don't allow for a balanced budget, medical costs and other expenses are all factors that can tip a family budget over the edge. Your investment will keep these families from falling off the edge.

Your gift today will fill plates and fill bellies so that our neighbors in need are not running on empty and so that they can reach their full potential.

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