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Make an impact, become a Hunger Hero!

11,030 food insecure children need your sustaining support!


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Did you ever dream about becoming a super hero as a kid? Can you remember imagining and acting out all your super-hero powers? Did you have visions of "saving the day!"?

You can make those dreams come true! You can be that super hero!

Become a Hunger Hero today and you will be "saving the day!" for nearly 11,000 children. Your super power is realizing the need and taking action to fight hunger in our children, families, and senior citizens. Being a Hunger Hero means going above and beyond what you are already giving. It means that in addition to your support throughout the year, you are also swooping in to donate an additional $2,500 per year as a Hunger Hero.

Your yearly commitment to be a Hunger Hero will help make dreams come true for those struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. THANK YOU!